The various widgets in UICollection can be translated quite easy just by typing the translations in a text file. The team of UICollection can only speak a small number of languages and is actively seeking people that can spare 10 minutes of their time to translate the texts that users will see on screen.

Translations placed in the UICollection distribution means application using UICollection will have default buttons, like ok/cancel translated without any effort. The buttons next/previous on a Wizard, or the question asked in a font-chooser all fall in the same category.

Translations status

enEnglish/original100 %
ptPortuguês39.4735 %
itItaliano61.654 %
jpJapanese18.797 %
zhChinese100 %
daDansk48.120 %
esEspañol72.180 %
nlDutch70.677 %
frFrench100.000 %
deDeutsch100.000 %

How to start

1) Download a partial translated file, or a blank file to translate. Open the file in a tekst editor that understands utf8. (kwrite, for example).
2) Start typing the text to the right of the '=' and remove the '#' at the start of the line if the translation is done.
3) Sent the file to the mailing list. (

The base untranslated files are: