UICollection for Java 2.0 changelog

UICollection 2 is a stable release which offers quite a number of important changes and improvements compared to the last release version 1.2 (found here)

Major changes/additions

  1. Add QWidgetStack (CardLayout) plugin for Swing
  2. Added QDateEdit and QDateTimeEdit plugins
  3. Added ToolBarButton
  4. Added UICList to make API more intuitive
  5. Added translations in Chinese (3 dialects), Português, Italiano, Español, Dansk, Dutch and Deutsch.
  6. Alter UICTheme to show a prettier scrollbar.
  7. Add GroupBox component to be a JComponent with TitledBorder replacement and folding and much more.
  8. Added HorizontalLayout and VerticalLayout as a simplified version of NaturalLayout
  9. Add control-backspace keyboard shortcut in textfield to delete whole prev/next word

Extended change list

  1. Change selection behaviour for lists with the default selection model File chooser for example works nicely again)
  2. Fix bug in StandardDialog that show() did not come back when dialog was closed programmatically
  3. Fix calculation of minimum size in UICScrollPaneUI
  4. Set minimum size in JTextPane to make sure scrollpane works
  5. Fix stackTraces from the MenuBarUI (threading problem);
  6. Fix color behind a Statusbar
  7. Fix naming inconsistency for the ActionFactory <text> and <Text> elements.
  8. Allow dots to be used as seperators for jars when fetching icons
  9. Added setDefaultFocusComponent to AbstractWindow to set the component that should get focus when showing a window
  10. Added DoubleInput spinbox support (KDE Only widget), Code by Matthieu Amiguet
  11. Added UICDateEdit and UICDatePicker to optional; also added the plugins for them (KDateWidget and KDatePicker)
  12. Fix silly bug in UICRestrictedDocument that made it not be restricted anymore
  13. Scroll to list item selected by keypressed event
  14. Added support for ImageIcon in JTable (to show icon + description)
  15. Added action for list/table selection update
  16. Added action for itemlistener selection update
  17. Fix Nullpointer while compiling (with UIC) when adding connections between non-implemented widgets
  18. Fix proper code generation (Swing) for tabbed panes that got duplicate tab-names.
  19. Improved paint disabled icon in ButtonUI for icons that are not instance of ImageIcon. Like Java L&F icons are
  20. Allow all swing widgets to react to 'slot' setEnabled
  21. Reset the undo history (if applicable) of an UICTextField whenever a setText is called.
  22. Added action/slot for radiobutton (same as for checkbox)
  23. Fix clearTemporaryStatusText in StatusBar sometimes clearing the real text
  24. In the Swing outputer; use toolTips set in Designer.
  25. Cleanup TwoColorListCellRenderer (various unused members) and add setSelectedBorder method
  26. Move UICListSelectionModel from widgets to model
  27. Remove deprecated MWTable, MWTableModel and TableSorter
  28. Fix selectAll in UICTextField not throwing any exceptions when not visible (i.e. the bounds are too small)
  29. Allow a toolbar to be set to any location while its hidden so after unhiding it moves there
  30. Add setPartnerComponent method to Splash component
  31. Bugfix in SqueezedTextLabel to show text readable
  32. Add DelayedWidgetRepresenter builder-class. This allows forward-defined objects to be resolved meaning all 'buddy' label-shortcuts will work.
  33. Added action for listening to <enter> key-events on a JTextComponent
  34. Added action for listening to <escape> key-events on a Component
  35. Make tooltip of UICSqueezedTextLabel respond to the width so the tooltip will also not get too wide.
  36. Fix preferredSize of UICSqueezedTextLabel.
  37. Fix code-generator for alignment of UICSqueezedTextLabel.
  38. Make TextField's popup menu disable some entries which are irrelevant for a non-editable textfield.
  39. Fix UICRestrictedDocument's maximum document-size; it allowed one char more then it should.
  40. Allow ColorSelection widget to select color anywhere on screen using Robot.
  41. Add Portugese translations, add some Japenese translations.
  42. Added implementation of scrollbar ui to make it look nicer
  43. Add openThemeConfigDialog method to MainWindow
  44. Addad clearReference on the (optional) ConfigDialog so you don't have to wait for GC.
  45. Created nice looking scrollbar. Added option for dual-button scrollbar.
  46. When no columns are present on JTable don't generate add and update methods since they won't compile.
  47. Use the new option from 1.5 to let a window be managed by the native window manager
  48. Make buttons on StandardDialog all have the same width.
  49. Fix little offset problem in JLine
  50. Fix rare infinite loop in FocusTraversalPolicy
  51. Allow MainWindow to be run in javawebstart without any permissions, with the only problem that it won't save its size..
  52. Fix UICSqueezedTextLabel minimum size; its height should not be hardcoded but be based on the font.
  53. Allow NaturalLayout to get larger spacing and margin on bigger fonts.
  54. Fix MainWindow.setComponent to actually set and not add components
  55. make enter always select the right button in StandardDialog.
  56. Various fixes for screensize of Main/Exta windows.
  57. Make windows (standardDialog/ExtraWindow/MainWindow) get bigger when the minimum size changes on the child-component.
  58. Fix the NaturalLayout.remove to actually work..
  59. Fix UICSqueezedTextLabel bug that removing text did not unset tooltip
  60. Fix UICSqueezedTextLabel bug where non-latin1 characters were rendered improperly
  61. Add default contructor to UICRestrictedDocument with ALLOW_ALL policy
  62. Add constructor to NaturalLayout to take margin/spacing
  63. Make NaturalLayout smartly use non-fill-rows/cols if no widget in that col/row would use it
  64. Fix threading issues in NaturalLayout which sometimes caused nullPointerExceptions
  65. rewrote the WorkerThread to create one thread per top-level-window and not have any blocking issues.
  66. Fix possible nullpointer in UICFocusTraversalPolicy when there are no focusable components registred at all
  67. Add GroupBox component to be a JPanel with TitledBorder replacement. And much more
  68. Make the GroupBox from uic.widgets be the main implementation for those widgets
  69. Don't show context menu for textfield if it is not enabled
  70. Make sure the toolbar positions are saved between restarts of MainWindow
  71. Honor textfields 'setColumn'
  72. Add fix for swings isFocusTraversable() returning true when the textfield is not editable.
  73. Allow a combobox-popup to be wider then the combobox if the contents dictates that.
  74. Take into account the window-decorations size when calculating the max window size in AbstractWindow
  75. Fix bug in NaturalLayout where a component with equal min/pref sizes was not forced smaller then min if no space available
  76. Forward a resize event from the NaturalLayout up the hierarchy so not each component has to.
  77. Add Zaval support for the UICollection workflow
  78. Imported old CalPane html into UICollection.
  79. Add anti-aliasing text option to HTMLPane
  80. Allow background attribute on TABLE and TD tags, allow leftmargin, topmargin, marginwidth, marginheight attributes on BODY tag.
  81. Make QDialog extending wigets extend JDialog in their generated swing implementation.
  82. allow left/right keys on the StandardDialog buttons to move focus.
  83. Moved the popup-manager for the textfield to a class so all textComponents can use it.
  84. add setters on WindowRepresenter/ActionFactory and a front on MainWindow to configure toolbar-settings and theme-configure menu entries visibility
  85. Rewrite UICActionList to actually do the right thing
  86. Fix bug in NaturalLayout right/bottom alignments not accounting for spacing
  87. Fix bug in NaturalLayout setting an exact col/row pixels was ignored sometimes
  88. Fix bug in Translate.getMnemonic which crashed when the '&' was the last char
  89. Added Chinese translations
  90. Added HorizontalLayout as a simplified version of NaturalLayout
  91. Added VerticalLayout as a simplified version of NaturalLayout
  92. Add control-backspace keyboard shortcut in textfield to delete whole prev/next word
  93. Replace JToggleButton with the same functionality in the ToolBarButton
  94. Fixes to UICRadioAction for programmatically changing selection