UICompiler for Java 1.2 changelog

UICompiler 1.2 is a stable release which offers quite a number of important changes and improvements compared to the last release version 1.1

Major changes

  1. Provide much more advanced toolbars.
  2. Provide a MainWindow class which does what you expect.
  3. Add ActionFactory framework
  4. Add IconFactory framework
  5. Add WhatIs framework which will work automatically with generated UIs and be accessable from MainWindow
  6. Usability features over the whole array of widgets; for example undo/redo functionality for normal textfields.

Extended change list

  1. Made Spinner obey step size
  2. Bugfix in TableSorter to keep current selection after remove of rows
  3. TextLines support left/right/center alignment for swing plugins
  4. Bugfix in UIComboBoxUI getPreferredSize when installUI was not called
  5. non-modal StandardDialog does not return directly from show() anymore
  6. TabbedPaneUI doesn't have nasty blinking browse buttons anymore
  7. Make sure '\n' characters are encoded
  8. Fixed miniumsize in JLabelUI to return the max of the supers minimum size and its own
  9. Fix nullpointer exception during 'startup' of font selection diag.
  10. Fix bug in config panel that reset the font when altering colors sometimes
  11. Make the color selection panel more responsive when starting with black.
  12. Extend the ToolBarContainer to manage the toolbars a lot better.
  13. Fix bug in FocusTraversal so non focusable widgets don't get focus anymore
  14. Add textfield widget that selects text when tabbing into the textfield
  15. Converted the UIC to a builder structure to decouple the per-widget parsing and what to do afterwards.
  16. Fixed bug in a Slider that it sometimes scrolled 2 items when clicking next to the 'thumb'.
  17. Allow toolbars to be dragged out of the container, into others or into an extra window.
  18. Give toolbars a title bar.
  19. Allow the user to place toolbars in a specific order while dragging/dropping them.
  20. Use maximum size of a toolbar to restrict sizing them (in the toolbarcontainer) in an ugly manner.
  21. support the Qt concept of buddies
  22. Added a MainWindow and a StatusBar widget.
  23. Various minor layouting fixes in NaturalLayout
  24. Completely move fileWriter intelligence to the JavaFileWriter. UIC.java is now completely outputter independent.
  25. Translate uses Locale.getDefault instead of en/US as default locale.
  26. Added generation of setEnabled call for widgets
  27. Added generation of setEditable call for widgets
  28. Added QTimeEdit widget
  29. Exceptions in UICompiler don't generate an output file, and don't stop the ant build process anymore, they just print an error.
  30. When no children are added to a widget (or the top-level layout manager forgotten) don't print faulty 'QWidget not implemented' anymore, instead throw an exception and refuse to create java file.
  31. Added generic connections support so you can create (simple) actions from Designer.
  32. Added rich text support for MultiLineEdit. Using a JTextPane for Rich text, a JTextArea for plain.
  33. Added toggle button support to QPushButton plugin.
  34. Improved Wizard with a new implementation and thus a new API; old wizard is still available as optional.
  35. Made it possible to add User buttons with its own text, and to enable/disable 'Apply' and the user buttons.
  36. Made it possible to change text on user buttons on StandardDialog.
  37. Added UICRestrictedDocument that limits the characters you can type to a user specified set.
  38. Added plugin for KRestrictedLine which combines the UICRestrictedDocument and the UICTextField
  39. Added usability features to spinner; 1) when pressing enter do a commit. 2) if integer is outside of allowed field; adjust to limits (instead of ignoring)
  40. Added usability features to UICTextField; 1) undo/redo 2) a RMB popup to show various actions
  41. MMB on slider jumps directly to location being clicked.
  42. Scrolling is based on the users resolution, not content of widget being scrolled.
  43. Holding CTRL with scrollwheel makes scrollbars go faster
  44. Scrolling horizontally can be done always now using scrollwheels by placing it on the scrollbar
  45. Improved VariableManager getCorrectName to check for java keywords as well
  46. ComboBox has now TwoColor cell renderer when using UICTheme
  47. Don't reserve space for invisible widgets in NaturalLayout
  48. Add WhatIs text from designer file to swing applications.
  49. Finish WhatIs functionality in MainWindow and show a '?' button on the statusbar
  50. Add UICSqeezedTextLabel class and the builder version.
  51. Add ActionFactory and UICAction objects. This stuff is gonny make you cry of happiness :)
  52. Add whatIs stuff in QWidget and QDialog for Swing
  53. Added support for splitters
  54. Save MainWindow size when the class is extended and restore it on show.
  55. Fix multiple selected rows in a table being still (correctly) selected after a delete from that table
  56. Prepared tablemodel classes for new (not yet present) classes (moved from widgets to model)