UICompiler for Java 1.1 changelog

UICompiler 1.1 is a stable release which offers a number of important changes and improvements compared to the last release version 1.0

Usability / new functionality

  1. Added support for free windows version QT-Designer 1
  2. Altered the UICTheme to load colors and font settings from external file.
  3. Create a list renderer for the JList that is able to render ImageIcons including their description in a nice way.
  4. Provide rollovers for checkbox and radiobuttons
  5. Created an uic-optional.jar that allows 1.4 only stuff.
  6. Created a color-button in optional plus wrote a plugin for the KColorButton
  7. Created a HSVSelector widget in optional plus wrote a plugin for the KHSSelector
  8. Created a font-selector widget in optional
  9. Created a color-selector widget in optional
  10. Created a theme-configuration panel in optional
  11. Added support for tab-ordering as provided in Designer. Note that Java 1.4 is needed for this.
  12. Added a 'store' method on the theme to allow it to be saved.
  13. Make the color selector save the user selected 'custom' and 'recent' colors on close.
  14. Add mousewheel action to JSpinner and JSlider
  15. Add (semi) auto-commit on JSpinner for better feedback.
  16. Add handling of 'ESC' button in StandardDialog.
  17. Add the concept of Translations and i18n in GUIs -- internationalisation made easy :)

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed the detection of layouter in ToolBarContainer so you don't end up with an empty GUI anymore.
  2. Don't return a preferredSize smaller then minimumSize for the ComboBox
  3. Fixed gap between browse buttons in tabpane and right tab
  4. Made radiobuttons/checkboxes have correct size when they do not have a label text
  5. Fixed crash when an empty scrollpane was shown.
  6. Fixed minimumsize of scrollpane so the scrollpane can do its work again.
  7. Fix 'crash' in getToolTipText when table (the widget) is larger then the actual data it shows
  8. Made less colors hardcoded and use the right values from the (configurable) theme
  9. Fallback to metaltabbedpaneui when tabbedpane is left or right placed
  10. Fix focus and usablility bugs on JSpinner.
  11. Fix scaling problems on NaturalLayout when it refused to grow sometimes
  12. Added support for jlist content. Items specified in designer will be added to the java version (using the translator)