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July 12, 2005 (The INTERNET). Today the 2.0 release of the User Interface Collection project is released for free download. This release comes almost 1½ years after the 1.2 release and brings new technologies and better stability with hundreds of bugfixes and additions.

The User Interface Collection for Java is a collection of technologies that build on top of Java Swing to provide you with rapid prototyping tools and mature solutions to various hard to understand technologies in Swing. In the new 2.0 release the focus of UIC has expanded from being a tool to quickly build user interface components, to provide mature components and frameworks such as the menu and toolbar actions framework, the File Chooser and the replacement spinbox for a much more powerful user interface creation experience. Your user interfaces have never looked so good.

The project started from a real need to capture the experience with working in Swing and provide a one-stop solution without needing to delve into the problems Swing programmers will eventually walk into. A classic example almost every Swing programmer makes is that a JTable will return the wrong row a user clicked on if a sorter has been added to the table since the row on screen is different from the row in your data structures after resorting. This and many other problems have been solved by extending the default JTable and adding sorters and Actions to work in a different, less error prone way.

Notable additions are the option to export zaval or awt user intefaces from the UI builder where previous releases could only save Swing user intefaces.
The addition of a Threading framework to make the UI responsive and fast even when using slow calculations or even network or database access.
The addition of an IconFactory to allow loading and showing icons of various sizes in toolbars or on buttons.
The addition of a framework to build menus and toolbars as well as popups completely from actions and a simple to write XML file.
The addition of a FileChooser that is packed with features for those that want more then the similar look of the Windows filechooser.
The addition of a date picker.

The UICollection and all its components are available for free under Open Source licenses, without limiting companies to use the product in propriatary products.
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The changelog can be found at: list of changes.

How to get the UICollection

Download and start.
Since the UICollection is free of charge you can download the package from the downloads page and then just follow the instructions at the getting started page.

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