UICompiler for Java Releases version 1.2


UICompiler ships 1.2 release of One Stop Solution to Java GUIs

Easy UI creation and maintainance plus more professional looking interfaces highlights the stable UICompiler release for Java 1.3 and up

Dec 23, 2003 (The INTERNET). The UICompiler project today announced the immediate release of their updated Graphical User Interface creation suite. This release brings extra widgets, frameworks, tutorials and adds basic support for multiple toolkits code-generation from one GUI design, including a full implementation for PersonalJava like used on the Zaurus.

UICompiler has broadened its scope since the last release, we recognize that after we have the rapid creation of new UserInterfaces nailed; further efforts should go in making it easier to add additional technologies and making the UI more responsive; both of which basic Swing has been doing poorly. With this release using UICompiler classes will be just as important; if not even more important to its capabilities of using a GUI designer.

UICompiler uses the files created by Qt Designer an open source graphical designer originally meant for the C++ toolkit Qt.
Designer is available for free on all versions of Unix, including Linux, and can be purchased as part of the Qt framework for Windows. An older (free) version is available on our website. UICompiler and all its components are available for free under Open Source licenses, without limiting companies to use the product in proprietary products.
Overview of downloads

The changelog can be found at: list of changes.

How to get UICompiler

Download and start.
Since UICompiler is free of charge you can download the package from the downloads page and then just follow the instructions at the getting started page.

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