12 Jul 2005
  The UIC team is very proud to announce the release of UIC 2.0

Various resources are available.

12 Oct 2004

In the recent months we added various widgets to the UICollection package; the DatePicker, the FileChooser, the GroupBox and the HTMLPane are the most important ones. The first two are already visible in the Products pages, the others will follow soon.

There is a new framework we have been very quiet about but which has enormous potential; it is in short a very mature action framework, but that name just does not give it justice since all the alternative action-frameworks just cover a really small part of the complete picture.

The action framework for our upcoming 2.0 release covers that creation of menus/toolbars/popups via XML markup files where we have a complete seperation of logic and markup via the ActionFactory class.
It covers the creation and management of icons via the IconFactory class.
It covers a solution to the Swing-threading difficulties by providing a WorkerThread which is automatically used by the Actions.
To make the picture complete we provide a new kind of actions.

The Actions we provide (UICSimpleAction, UICAction, UICToggleAction, uic.action.*) alone make the creation and maintainance of Swing GUIs a lot easier and simply fun again.

In the download section we provide a snapshot with full API docs and simply to play around with while we finish translations, tutorials and simply fix bugs that may still exist.

16 Aug 2004
  New website to give make the various products stand out more.
Dec 23th 2003.
  The UICollection team is very proud to announce the release of UICollection 1.2

Various resources are available.

Nov 30th 2003.
  After 6 1/2 months working on new features the UICollection team wants to publish a a well deserved 1.2 release it has been polishing for the last couple of weeks.
Today we release a Release Candidate for better feedback as well as for early birds. We hope you will test this release for bugs while we finish writing javadocs and tutorials.
If all goes well, the release should be out before the christmas season.


May 15th 2003.
  The UICollection team is very proud to announce the release of UICollection 1.1

Various resources are available.

May 1th 2003.
  In the Press: "UIC for Java project"
The Dutch magazine Software Developer Group Netherlands published an article intruducing the UICollection. The article explains the goals of UIC and creates an application example. It is written in Dutch and can be found on the blog pages of its author; here, also a direct link to the article: (pdf
April 20th 2003.
  UICollection Gained professional Widgets
The first complaint I got when I said to someone that the UICTheme should be the preferred theme was that of configurability. Setting one theme disallows someone to configure his GUI.
Therefor I created a configurable theme, and a configuration dialog to go with it. Note that a whopping total of 70kb extra is needed for this functionality.

Please test and provide feedback: webstart
-- Thomas

Mrt 17th 2003.
  UICollection now has configurable theme (colors/fonts)
I found that the most simple configuration any look and feel needs is that the user should be able to alter her color-scheme and fonts.

In the new testing snapshot of today we release a version that allows exactly that; the testing release also includes a properties file that allows you to experiment with this.

I have started a convienent config panel for these settings for the people that are not comfortable with an editor and long-feedback times, due to restarting (i.e. everyone :). However I don't want to hold back these features due to a not-yet-implemented GUI..

As always, please provide feedback via the emaillists
-- Thomas

Mrt 8th 2003.
  UICollection now compatible older Designer v1
Roy added a xslt-bases solution to allow older versions of Qt Designer (the ones that are freely available for Windows) to work with UICollection as well.

Please test using the 'dropin' replacement jars from the testing download. Follow the download link above. As the name implies the testing release means we want users to test the features and fixes. Please provide feedback via the emaillists

The latest stable release (v1.0) will print an error saying the designer is too old, so if you have seen that, this is the solution you waited for.

Mrt 3th 2003.
  The UICollection team is very proud to announce the release of UICollection 1.0

Various resources are available.

Dec 3th 2002.
  Added a description of where to get Qt Designer from, you can find the page here:
Nov 22th 2002.
  The second release candidate of UICollection 1.0 has just been released; see the changelog and announcement by clicking on the 'download' link above.
Sept 22th 2002.
  The release candidate of UICollection 1.0 has just been released; see the changelog and announcement by clicking on the 'download' link above.
Aug 7th 2002.
  After stabilizing the API and removing any propriatairy stuff from the project I now have time for some documentation. First up was the website. Here it is!. More to follow as time permits..
Aug 1st 2002.
  The UICollection has been a long dream I've had since I usually was spending 20 minutes doing my UI design in the Qt Designer after which I re-created it in Java which took about a day.
After a collegue showed me the TableLayout from the Java Website I was taken by the likeliness to Qt layouters. This could be the perfect base for the UIC... It quickly started as a project to make in-house application design easier at microweb, where I work. I had plenty of help from collegues and they all supported the idea of open sourcing the project.
After I received permission from the supervisor I put it all online. And here it is!