User Interface Compiler

This project is freely available to use in any application, commercial or otherwise. Despite being free UICollection has advanced user-interface features allowing you to create more professionial looking GUIs, faster.

There are various products which are part of this project, each brings a completely seperate component, or framework which enhances your user interfaces. All of them add to the synergy of the whole by being complementary in nature. Each can be used seperately, allowing an easy learning curve.

The core component is the designer, this is the one that binds all other components transparantly into one product. The designer is a GUI Builder with a twist; it allows you to build your user interfaces by point and click in such a way that the traditional disadvantages of code generators is taken away. Additionaly the designer itself is so easy to use that your graphics designer can use it to make drafts, or fine tune your finished products. The designer should actually be called a component of a highly-optimized, but very flexible workflow.

What binds all components is a next-generation Swing Look and Feel, the UICTheme is build for cross-platform look and feel in such a way that the feel part can be considered native. This is because of the huge amount of attention it spents on usability features that are common on the various operating systems Java supports, but still have not found their way into the core Swing distribution. All screenshots on this website will be based on the UICTheme, unless otherwise specified. Use the webstart demo if you want to get an instant feel for it.

WebStart direct-run demo application, a version without the filechooser which is startable without a security question is also available: here

Job: we are looking for people to spent a little time to translate UIC. Click here