Contact us

The UICollection project is an open source project with project members spread over a large area. As such we don't have a snail-mail address, please use email to reach us.


The UICollection also has an IRC channel where you can get instant help with your problems. To contact us using IRC, please go to #uic on

Mailing list

The UICollection has a mailing list where all questions on usage and deployment are welcome. Most of the questions are answered withing a day, so don't hesitate to email.

uic-user info pages

The main authors of UICollection can be reached seperately; but please use these addresses only for pizza-offers, thank you notes and job-offers!

Thomas Zander <zander@kde (dot) org>
Roy van der Kuil <roy@vanderkuil (dot) nl>
Stefan Rotman <stefan@rotman (dot) net>