About us


The UICollection project first saw the light of day after our main designer combined the knowledge of a C++ Gui toolkit with that of the more technically inclined Java Swing toolkit. In May of 2002 the first version that could generate Java Swing code from a Gui Designer was born.

In August 2002 the first version was open sourced and released on SourceForge

An abstract from the first release news-item posted is here:

During the whole of 2003 and the first halve of 2004 the UICollection project was evolving into not just a code generator, but a whole widgetset complementing Swing in all aspects. All usability features needed in production application were being added in the UICollection source base adding to all projects based on it. The various project members have reported creating from start to end around 40 swing-based applications using UICollection and adding all the expertise from those projects back into UICollection.

The main authors comprise of a small team of dedicated Java programmers with years of experience in the field. Almost all of them are based in The Netherlands (Europe) and are motivated by the ease of development allowing the programmer to stay creative in his job.

Our passion is empowering your creativity
We believe that the dull work of creating a user-interface can be automated to such an extend that the author can poor more creativity in his work, creating better end results, easier is the end goal.